Scariest Haunted Houses in America

While everyone celebrates holidays in different ways, Halloween is a unique way to do so. It is among the top growing industries in America over the last few years. While many like pimping their houses with decorations, others have their fun in building haunted and scariest houses. They buy tombstones, zombies, crypts and monsters to display their masterpiece. Haunted houses are becoming scarier, bigger and better with time. Filmmakers are using the haunted houses in the low holiday seasons to create horror movies. Haunted houses give a gut-wrenching and heart-pounding fear which you a unique feeling of excitement.


These are the Scariest Haunted Houses in America.

Arx Mortis named in Latin for the Death castle is one of the most significant attractions located in Alabama. It sits on 50000 square feet land and consists of animatronics and nightmare features that cause an auto release of adrenaline. Also featuring in the list is the House of Torment found in is known for its top film production hence recognized by national and regional media as well as trade associations and industry publications as among the Scariest Haunted Houses in America. A top movie titled dawn of the evil was performed from there.


13th floor in Colorado Denver scares off starting from the rapidly viewed as unlucky number thirteen. A walk in the house gives netherworld spirit encounters and mysterious creatures like spiders, snakes and rats. After selection, a clown known as hey kids has blood appetite, and his screams and laughter of terror are echoed throughout the hall. Statesville haunted prison house located in Crest hill around Illinois has ghostly gangs in the security cells claimed to be very evil to die. The dark manor is the scariest house in Connecticut .it has terrifying catacombs and also has the manor.


The scream zone located in California has up to four different houses each with a panic-stricken charm.  One of the houses known as paintball apocalypse has many penny wises that visitors must hold with a loaded paintball. The ghoulish clowns fight off leaving only the outstanding shooters.


Cutting edge haunted house located in Texas holds the world record by being the largest .it is built on a 100-year-old meat plant abandoned packing .it is also known as half hell acre. Human-like features painted to resemble assassinated corpses gives haunting memories more than anything else. It now looks like a processing human area.


3rd street asylum is found in Bonner was built in 1918 as an asylum which housed very violent and very dangerous patients in midwest region. In 1983 it closed errantly due to inhumane conditions and insane methods of treatment. It acts as one of the scariest and haunted houses in America during the Halloween. Netherworld haunted house in Georgia was chosen as the terrifying house in America by haunt world in has primal scream and beasts transmit rabid mutagens to living humans. Aliens and monsters filling the house serve as the additional scare. Other famous haunted houses in America include The haunted world in Idaho, the 13th gate in Louisiana, destination haunt in Maine Lebanon, The haunted hill in Mississippi, The darkness in Missouri, Headless Horseman hayride in New York, The hex house in Oklahoma and Erebus in Michigan.


Haunted house plunges people into a world they never knew it exists creating unique attractions. The scream based concepts have established its glimpse in TV shows, escape games, zombie runs, and haunted houses. The industry is already embraced and is here to stay.